A Note on Process

posted Oct 21, 2014, 12:20 PM by Nancy Sebert   [ updated Oct 21, 2014, 12:21 PM ]
Students spent a lot of time learning about the idea of a process, especially in relation to writing, in Language Arts class this fall. Now that students are familiar with the terms and have developed a general idea of their own writing process, they will now be expected to write a brief free write about the process they went through to complete future writing pieces that are assessed. This allows me to verify that students are working to meet the standard, have met the standard and continue to meet the standard of using a writing process. The teacher needs for these writing pieces are as follows:
1. Students are assigned a writing piece - sometimes this is their choice and sometimes this is provided by the teacher, but they will know their audience and criteria when they start.
2. Students work on their writing, using both at home and class time, using some sort of process, and putting their work into their shared LA folder.
3. Students will set up individual due dates within a given window of time for feedback and assessment with the teacher.
4. Students will send a polite email to the teacher when they are ready for feedback. Teacher will respond within 48 hours.
5. Students will revise their writing based on the feedback they receive.
6. Students will edit their writing before the prearranged due date.
7. Students will submit the criteria/rubric in paper copy to the teacher on their prearranged due date for an assessment grade.
These expectations have been repeatedly reinforced during class time as we work through the year. I hope they make sense!!