Another Great Book Review

posted Apr 11, 2013, 7:18 AM by Nancy Sebert
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Here is a book review written by Erin P. that was worth sharing!

Outlaws Rule

What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know

By: Sonya Sones

5 stars


   In this sequel to What My Mother Doesn't Know from the beautiful and popular Sophie Stein's point of view. Now it’s from the artistic and geeky Murphy's point of view. This story continues continues with the beginning of Murphy and Sophie's relationship. Robin Murphy, also known as Murphy, a 15 year old loser, falls in love with Sophie Stein, a beautiful and a very popular girl in school. Murphy is finally getting what he dreamed of, but it might just have a downside.

   Through out the book it's Sophie and Murphy are against their peers in school. The school has a catchphrase for Robin, "Don’t be such a Murphy." People at school make up a new catchphrase because Robin Murphy and Sophie Stein are dating called, "Don't be such a Stein." Murphy loves Sophie way too much to let people treat Sophie the way they did to him. With Sophie having to lose her two best friends, Grace and Rachel, because of her boyfriend can she handle it? Later on Murphy and Sophie get into a little fight. Will that jeopardize their relationship? 
    Also throughout the book Murphy takes a new art class at Harvard. No one in the art class knows the real loser Murphy. Murphy doesn’t want to show the college kids the real him. He wants them to like him so he can actually have friends. While Murphy goes to these art classes he hides that he is a loser in high school and has no friends. All the college kids accept him for who he is and not the most unpopular kid in school. Will his friends in Harvard know the real Murphy?

   In the end when Tessa, the girl who goes to Harvard. She starts having feelings for Murphy. Murphy might have feelings for Tessa too. Is Murphy going to choose Tessa or Sophie?

   I thought this book was a very good book. I enjoyed this book because it’s easy to read and I liked the risks of Sophie and Murphy’s relationship. You don’t have to read the first book to follow up on the sequel which is good. You might be a little lost but you will catch on very fast after a few pages. I was surprised that I never got bored or tired of the book since it was a love story. I usually don’t enjoy those kind of books, but this book by Sonya Sones was great. The author put the risk of Sophie and Murphy’s relationship into the book which made a page-turner story. I liked that Sophie accepted Murphy into her life even though she knew he was the misfit in school. When Murphy heard that Sophie was turning into a loser just like he was because they were dating, he was going to end their relationship. Sophie wouldn’t get hurt just like he did. Murphy tried to explain to himself, “I stagger back, feeling like a rifle blast has just torn my heart to shreds.” (Pg: 133) That sentence definitely showed how Murphy cared about Sophie. In that sentence Sonya Sones showed the frustration in Murphy, which made me want to read more because I wanted to see what would happen to the love of Murphy and Sophie. I was pleased with the first book, What My Mother Doesn’t Know because it introduced me to poetry genre books and now poetry genre books are my favorite types of book to read. That is what lead me to the sequel and it was just as great as the first book. As I was reading through What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know I wanted there to be a third book that spoke more about Murphy and Sophie. On a few pages in the book it took the characters emotions and the words and combined them so you could have little fun with the book. When Murphy and Sophie were in a fight, Sonya Sones made the words fit into an upside down arrow, like everything in Murphy’s life was going down. (Pg:203) When Murphy was having problems in his life and relationship the words were shaped into an arrow going down. Like everything was going down and not going the way Murphy planned. I like how Sonya Sones incorporated things like that into the book.

   What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know deserves five stars because the affection between the two main characters, Robin and Sophie, showed that the book was a love poetry book. There was a bit of risk, romance, friendship, trust, love, concern, and kindness which a great and interesting love story should include. A great comparison to this book is What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones. The two books share very similar qualities. It’s both about Sophie and her relationship with others like her friends and boyfriends. If you like Sonya Sones, love poetry books, such as What My Mother Doesn’t Know you should read the sequel. I recommend this book to 13 year olds and up because the characters in this book are in high school and they characters say things that shouldn’t be repeated to younger children. Also this is a teen book. I think that people who don’t like love stories like I did, should still read this book because it has a whole different take in it.